Surveillance camera catches thief in action

Having your house burglarized is an awful feeling.  But one homeowner in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas is taking a recent break-in at his home pretty lightly.

And it’s a hit on YouTube.

Nate Gasser’s home security cameras captured a break-in this week.  He edited that video together and set it to the Mission Impossible theme, played on a recorder.

“Recorders are hilarious, I guess,” Gasser said.

Gasser wasn’t home but when he got an alert from his camera system, he called the cops who wrestled the suspect down, inside the home and arrested him.

Since it all ended well, he thinks the light-hearted take is the right tone.

“You could stress out or you could make a joke about it and I like to make jokes about everything.  I guess that’s kind of what happened here.”


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